Abstract Landscapes 1

This beautiful handmade journal is covered in black silk. The pages are handmade watercolor paper with those great deckled edges. The long narrow pages were the perfect layout for abstract landscapes.

First, each page was painted with Daniel Smith watercolors. I purposely chose unusual color combinations which yielded some beautiful results. Daniel Smith watercolors are very high quality so the pigments never disappoint. I let the water, the paint and the texture of the paper create their magic with very little intervention. Watching watercolors move and blend is like art alchemy.

The next step was to create the abstract landscapes. I kept these very simple- with only the suggestion of a horizon line, mountains, clouds and trees. Normally, I add a lot of finishing details to my art, but with this project the collage papers told the whole story. I have a huge stash of paper I’ve created with paint and gelliplate monoprints. I want my content to be my original colors and patterns. This project also includes a lot of painting fragments. If a painting doesn’t work, I just cut it up and use the parts. These smaller, more interesting pieces really added to these landscape compositions.

This project was a lot of fun and came together very quickly. I spent most of my time just waiting for the paint to dry! A themed sketchbook is a great way to experiment and explore a single subject- here it was landscapes- and push the boundaries of creativity.

Abstract Landscapes 2
Abstract Landscape 3
Abstract Landscapes 4
Abstract Landscapes 5
Abstract Landscapes 6
Abstract Landscapes 7
Abstract Landscapes 8
Abstract Landscapes 9
Abstract Landscapes 10