I’ve always coveted beautiful Valentine candy boxes but this one has special significance. My mother was going through chemo and got this Valentine candy- her last as it turned out. She couldn’t eat the candy and couldn’t bear to see it or smell it. She dumped the candy and handed me the box- “Here, it’s too pretty to throw away. I know you’ll do something with it.” So, this art journal was created with love for my Mom.

This art journal is a modified accordion structure that opens out of the box. The unique structure invites the viewer’s interaction. It centers around quotes and imagery about love. Though the details and page layout are rich and complex, the text is done on simple legal pad paper. This contrast creates an interesting juxtaposition. The pages are collaged with drawings, faux postage, dyed lace, vintage book pages, and embroidered designs that I designed and digitized. Red and pink- the colors of love -predominant. The red velvet box is beautiful when closed and full of surprises as the accordion structure unfolds.

Excerpts from this project were published in Art Journaling, Summer, 2013.

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