Art Journals are a way to explore a theme in-depth. I’m an avid reader, so creating books that tell a story in images really appeals to me.

+ Art Journaling Page 1

Published in Art Journaling Magazine!

It’s always a thrill to see my work in print. One of my handmade books...Read More
+ Accordion Books

Accordion Books

The Art of Simple Folds I recently took my second online class from Tara Axford....Read More
+ Vintage Art Journal 17

Vintage Art Journal

The end of 2023 gave me a big burst of energy to clean up my...Read More

Inspired by Flowers Art Journal

Some of my earliest memories are about flowers. My mother’s bed of pansies, the huge...Read More

All Heart Box Journal

I’ve always coveted beautiful Valentine candy boxes but this one has special significance. My mother...Read More

The Color Inspiration Book

Color studies should be an ongoing education for every artist. In college, Johanne Itten and...Read More

Bird Song & Star Shine Art Journal

The pages in this lovely board book were beautifully smooth so I decided to create...Read More

The Barcelona Travel Journal

In April of 2015 I traveled to Barcelona with my goddaughter Jennifer and her lovely...Read More

Pandemic Journals

I made several pandemic journals during the long days of the lockdown. As I look...Read More