Upcycle Your Art!

Artist Trading Cards 1

As a mixed media artist, I tend to accumulate a lot of STUFF. Old paintings need to be cut up. There are piles of paper from other projects that are too good to throw away. And this year, I made so many sheets of faux postage that needed a home. Making Artist Trading Cards is a great way to corral these bits and pieces and create some new tiny compositions.

Artist Trading Cards are 2.5″ x 3.5″- the size of a regular playing card. They are beloved in the mixed media community and it’s amazing how creative artists get with this restricted format. When I sell a painting, I always include a few ATCs as a gift. In all the sketchbooks and handmade journals I create, they play a major role. They show up in birthday cards and gifts. I love to leave them in public places as a little surprise for the lucky sleuth who finds them. I’ve even left them in the Louvre and the Musee d”Orsay!

The 2023 ATCs number over 200- I had a LOT of piles on my studio desks to clear out. Most started with old paintings I cut up. The faux postage came in handy as focal points. Scraps of my hand painted and printed papers jumped on board. With this many cards to make, it was a challenge to make each one a successful composition. Creating these little treasures certainly works the creative muscles. Now I have a lovely supply of colorful cards to start my artistic journey in 2024.

Purchase faux postage blanks from http://100proofpress.com. Precut ATCs are available at http://DickBlick.com

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