The pages in this lovely board book were beautifully smooth so I decided to create a mixed media journal with Prismacolor colored pencils and Pan Pastels. Both the pencils and pastels are easily blended and allowed for lovely color effects. The results are rich and complex. These birds are loosely based on real birds but there’s a lot of creative license involved too. A little exaggeration with beaks, body shape, and color resulted in some fun, fantasy birds.

Faux postage plays a big role in this mixed media journal. The blank sheets are available from Several sizes are available but the larger ones work better for collage. Many include tiny hand sewn details with snippets of fabric or trim. They are an excellent way to use by little paper scraps and clean out your paper stash. Multiple stamps created together with unified color and theme are a great little addition to these pages. The contrast of the smoothly blended drawings and the texture and intricate details on the faux postage create a lot of visual interest.

Real feathers were the inspiration for the peacock drawing. Adding them to the page is part of the fun of mixed media art journals. Anything goes!

Excerpts from Bird Song & Star Shine was published in Art Journaling, Spring 2015

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