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Art Journals

My art journals are beautifully themed books full of color, imagination, and rich details. Dip in and explore.

Published in Art Journaling Magazine!

It’s always a thrill to see my work in print. One of my handmade books was published in Art Journaling magazine! This Stampington publication is top notch. The graphics and content are always as beautiful and artistic as the work... Read More

Accordion Books

The Art of Simple Folds I recently took my second online class from Tara Axford. She is a fabulous Australian collage artist working with Fibre Arts Take Two. Tara loves to find ways to use her art and in this... Read More

Vintage Art Journal

The end of 2023 gave me a big burst of energy to clean up my studio. In the midst of rearranging, I got off on a tangent and ended up making 22 handbound journals! The good news is I used... Read More

Inspired by Flowers Art Journal

Some of my earliest memories are about flowers. My mother’s bed of pansies, the huge camellia bush where we picked corsages for Mother’s Day, and the Bachelor Buttons I planted in my father’s vegetable garden. As Georgia O’Keeffe said, “Nobody... Read More

All Heart Box Journal

I’ve always coveted beautiful Valentine candy boxes but this one has special significance. My mother was going through chemo and got this Valentine candy- her last as it turned out. She couldn’t eat the candy and couldn’t bear to see... Read More

The Color Inspiration Book

Color studies should be an ongoing education for every artist. In college, Johanne Itten and Josef Albers were part of the curriculum and art history was full of palettes unique to each artist and the period in which they created.... Read More

Bird Song & Star Shine Art Journal

The pages in this lovely board book were beautifully smooth so I decided to create a mixed media journal with Prismacolor colored pencils and Pan Pastels. Both the pencils and pastels are easily blended and allowed for lovely color effects.... Read More

The Barcelona Travel Journal

In April of 2015 I traveled to Barcelona with my goddaughter Jennifer and her lovely husband Scott. This city is the ultimate eye candy for artists. They LOVE color, pattern and their two famous artists- Gaudi and Picasso. When I... Read More

Pandemic Journals

I made several pandemic journals during the long days of the lockdown. As I look back at them now, this daily art practice added structure to a chaotic time. Everything in my studio was thrown in the mix- faux postage,... Read More