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Color Play

Like many artists, color is my passion and a lifelong study. Follow my journey as I explore the intricacies of color.

Creative Color Challenge

Curiosity is one of my greatest gifts as an artist. I love to learn and grow and explore. Like many artists, I have a favorite palette of colors I return to again and again. To get out of this rut,... Read More

Offcut Collages

Many collage artists use old magazine images or ephemera in their work. I prefer to create my own painted or printed papers so each collage is uniquely mine. Every new series means a LOT of paper preparation. Eventually, I have... Read More

Mushroom Mania!

Working in a series really suits my artistic methods. Exploring an idea in depth allows my creativity to really flow. My latest series is Mushroom Mania. The colors and shapes of these amazing fungi offered endless delights in design and... Read More

Rose of Ultramarine

I use Daniel Smith watercolors exclusively and when I add a new color to my collection, I always do color swatching. This simple practice shows me a color behaves and how it plays with other colors. These color records in... Read More

The Color Collage Series

These color collage studies all use a black background to unify the series and incorporate a wide variety of collage items for each color. I often do a project like this when the piles of paper and collage elements threaten... Read More

Color Grids

During the pandemic I created handmade journals to soothe my nerves. These color grids were used for covers and section dividers. Filling all those little squares gave me a feeling of control and order. I used Pantone chips, fabric, paint,... Read More

The Ultimate Color Mood Board

This color mood board is based on one of my favorite things- the color wheel. It was so much fun to collect all the papers and paraphernalia for each color. Anything that could be glued down was fair game. The... Read More