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Elements of Style

My unique style incorporates intense color, joyous energy, & intricate details. These are the techniques I use to create my distinctive vision.

Abstract Collages

This series of abstract collages was created as module from Tara Axford’s Art & Design course. I’ve mentioned this course in a previous blog post. Gel plate printing is the core of the course. These collages use unique prints produced... Read More

The Joy of Splatters

An easy and incredibly fun way to add energy to a painting is with splatters! Get a big mop brush full of paint and flick your wrist or lightly tap or just sling the paint! There is very little control... Read More

Pencil Shavings- Subtle Texture

Water is the magic catalyst in a watercolor painting- it allows for granulation of the pigments, transparency, blooms, and back washes. I learned another trick to use water creatively from the extraordinary watercolorist Shirley Trevana -watercolor pencil shavings. After an... Read More

Expressive Mark Making-Pencil & Fine Tip Markers

I often start a piece with the idea that it will be clean and simple and then my need for details takes over. Mark marking is the final touch to create focus and textural interest on a painting. I use... Read More

Creating Texture with a Skewer

One of my favorite texturing tools is a simple hors d’oeuvre skewer! I’ve added a handmade metal one to my arsenal too. I use these to manipulate color from a very wet watercolor wash or pools of acrylic ink. I... Read More

Rigger Brush

I saw this rigger brush in action on several artist’s videos and was intrigued by the magic touches it added to a painting. I finally purchased one- the Princeton Aqua Elite Rigger #8 and started experimenting. It’s so expressive in... Read More