Color experiments in a sketchbook are a great way to try out innovative color combos. It’s an excellent method to force yourself out of your color comfort zone and create content references for future paintings. Allow yourself complete freedom to just put paint on the surface with no goal in mind. Each layer will suggest a new idea or direction. Adding diverse mediums as you layer is a great way to explore interactions between materials. Again, the outcome is not important-this is not a finished painting. It’s your artistic playground. Keep asking what would happen if you added a weird color, used a new mark making tool or splattered the paint? These exercises are a great way to jumpstart your creativity on days when the ideas just won’t come. Play. Experiment. Learn. Enjoy.

The color experiments shown here were created with Daniel Smith watercolors, Daler Rowney acrylic ink, Posca Paint Pens and collage papers. Supplies used in this sketchbook are available at