One of my favorite texturing tools is a simple hors d’oeuvre skewer! I’ve added a handmade metal one to my arsenal too. I use these to manipulate color from a very wet watercolor wash or pools of acrylic ink. I make beautiful gestural lines as I pull the color out with the skewer. With pressure, it makes small incised lines in the paper and the color spreads in fascinating ways. Creating texture with a skewer is easy and the results are full of interest and energy. It’s a versatile technique- I use it on feathers, flowers, and veins on leaves. Add it to your art arsenal and have some fun creating texture with a skewer.

Here the black ink was pulled out to create the wispy feathers on his head. There are also subtle lines on his beak. The black tip gets blended in and the yellow portion has incised lines that allow the surrounding colors to bleed in and create darker lines.

A thick line of red Daler Rowney acrylic ink was pulled in both directions to create texture and interest on this pod.

Here the skewer created the look of stamens in the center of the flower.

The texture on the neck is very subtle on this painting. When the skewer incised the paper, surrounding color flooded in and created darker accent lines.