Creative Color Challenge 2

Curiosity is one of my greatest gifts as an artist. I love to learn and grow and explore. Like many artists, I have a favorite palette of colors I return to again and again. To get out of this rut, I decided to issue myself a creative color challenge. Forcing myself to explore color combinations that are definitely not my favorites is a great way to grow my artistic practice.

I’m using a great book- The Color Scheme Bible by Anna Starmer. It’s full of luscious color schemes for decorators. I’m choosing random pages within each color family and then creating a series of collages with that scheme. My first foray into this project is a group of pastels that are very pale and a little too sweet for my taste. I really struggled with all that sweetness until I found a reference photo using the colors with a tiny accent of darker blue and silver. Those additions gave me a direction for my explorations.

First I made a color card matching the colors with acrylic gouache. Then, I painted a set of painted collage papers with these colors. I added patterns with stamps I carved or “created” with cardboard tubes and thread spools. Once I had a nice selection of papers, I decided to create florals that reflected the girly vibe of the colors. To make them fit my style, I made them all quirky and funky.

I had so much fun cutting these fun flowers and leaves and began to enjoy the pastel colors too. I started to see the value and options a pale color scheme brought to my work. Happily, this became a series of work I really liked. Even with the unusual colors, it’s still very much “me”. Despite my original resistance (and whining), a creative color challenge was exactly what I needed to make me expand my color repertoire. I have many more of these experiments in the works. Never stop pushing your boundaries!

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