Faux Postage 1

As a collage artist, I tend to accumulate lots of paper scraps and some of them are just too precious to throw away. So I use these to make faux postage. This tiny format is so much fun and really stretches my compositional skills. I use the postage in collage, sketchbooks, cards, and gift tags-any place I need a little pop of interest. The blank postage sheets come in multiple sizes and a great triangular format too. Use them as a whole sheet or separate them at the perforations.

My general method is to group my paper scraps by color. These can include remnants of old paintings I’ve cut up, my hand printed collage paper or beautiful purchased papers. I want to create sections of stamps that coordinate since I often use them in groupings of four or six. Cutting the paper to fit these tiny spaces can be tedious but the results are so worth it. Once these background pieces are glued down, the embellishing begins. Cut a special section from printed paper or a painting and add them next for the focal point. Include fabric scraps, ribbon and washi tape too. Finally add the details that pull each tiny composition together. My go-to supply is a Posca Paint Pen. They come in several nib widths and many colors and the acrylic paint will adhere to most surfaces. Tiny dots, squiggles and strong accent colors will draw the viewer’s eye. Faux postage might be small but if thoughtfully created, it can add the final spice to a collage or painting.

Faux Postage 2
Faux Postage 3
Faux Postage 4