Published in the Fibre Arts Take Two Student Exhibition Catalog!

Joining the Dots 2

Fibre Arts Take Two is a wonderful company from Australia. They offer very professionally produced online classes. I have taken several and am always impressed by the beautiful videography, abundant resource materials, and high caliber artists. So, I was really thrilled to be included in the student exhibition catalog for the Art & Design course by Tara Axford.

This course explored the use of gel plate printing as a design tool. “Tame the tool” was one of Tara’s mantras throughout the course, encouraging students to really think and plan their prints. The modules covered various art movements and artists that used collage as their medium. The unit highlighting botanical collage really appealed to me as a plant aficionado. While cruising my sketchbooks and Pinterest for ideas, I happened upon some great images of mushrooms. Their simple structure would lend themselves easily to collage. However, it was the vast array of colors and textures that really hooked me.

Gel Plate Techniques

I wanted gel plate prints to be front and center in this series. First, I made simple drawings of a dozen mushrooms I really liked. Then, I used the gel plate to create my spectrum of colored papers- many with unique textures that mirrored the mushrooms. Next, I decided to create the backgrounds. I wanted darker, moodier pieces that resembled the mystery of the forest floor. Using dark card stock, I printed multiple layers to build up a complicated, but subtle ground for the brilliantly colored mushrooms.

Collage Techniques

With all the papers prepared, I made master drawings of each mushroom and cut the pieces from my stash of printed papers. Assembling the cut parts to create the mushroom cap was like a jigsaw puzzle. The patterned gel plate papers added subtle design and textures. Next, the intricate details were added with Posca acrylic paint pens. Finally, the completed mushroom collage was adhered to a gel plate printed background. I was so happy with the results of this series, they are for sale in my shop. Red Mushroom

Joys of Being a Life Long Student

I have a BA in Art, but my college years were just the beginning of my art education. Books, online classes, museum visits, and conversing with other artists all contribute to my life long learning. To be included in Joining the Dots Student Exhibition was a definite thrill. The caliber of work from other students was top notch and I am honored to be part of the exhibition. Never stop learning- it’s always a joy!

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