Junk Journals 1

What do you do with all the stacks of paper that pile up in the studio? Make a junk journal! I got this idea from a course with Laura Horn (http://laurahornart.com). Her online courses are great and got me through the long pandemic days. Shown below are pages from two books I created from studio scraps.

So what goes in a junk journal? I used gray cardstock for the covers. Both pieces had pastel scribbles from a color test. Inside are old ledger pages from my business. I added some Yupo paper- it’s essentially a plastic paper and reacts in interesting ways to different media. Deli paper is handy to protect my desk and it gets covered with haphazard paint marks. There are graph sheets from my Dad’s old tablets in his construction work. Painted mulberry paper experiments join in the fun too. I did basic measuring but nothing is exact and the pages are definitely funky. A simple sewn binding completes the book.

Then the fun begins! These journals are full of experiments. What if?? What if I used an ink dropper and just drew simple shapes? What if I tried alcohol markers on the Yupo paper? What if I tried Sennelier oil pastels on top of watercolor? When all the backgrounds were done, I did a third phase with artist trading cards and faux postage from other projects to create focal points. Finally, details were added with Posca paint pens.

Projects like this are pure fun and create a nice break from more serious painting. Anything goes and the experiments often lead to great ideas for future projects

Junk Journals 2
Junk Journals 3
Junk Journals 4
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Junk Journal 6
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Junk Journals 12
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