Mix and Play 9

I love to mix & play with my Daniel Smith Watercolors. The pigments are amazing and very high quality. Currently my collection is around 50 colors. Since they are expensive (but SO worth it!) I add a color or two at a time to explore new pigments. They offer swatch cards with a dot of paint for each color. Add water and see exactly what the color is like. These cards also include all the pertinent information about lightfastness and pigment mixes and are a great studio tool. I’m a bit of a magpie with art supplies but this American made company is the only one I use for watercolor paint.

On the sketchbook pages shown here, I chose 3 colors per page then just played with the mixes. There was no plan just experimentation with the pigments and shapes. After the first layers of color were dry, I went back to refine each page. Add collage elements? Pen details? Another layer of paint? If a spread isn’t great, it just doesn’t matter. This is the laboratory where new ideas are discovered. Mix and play and just enjoy the creative process.

Explore these wonderful watercolors at http://DanielSmith.com

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