Mixed Media Sketchbook 1

This mixed media sketchbook began with Daniel Smith watercolor backgrounds on each page. Experimental color combos kept it interesting. Using random colors with no final idea in mind forces me to stretch my skills on every spread. As a mixed media artist, I have LOTS of piles of off cuts, ephemera, gel plate prints, painted pages, and old painting scraps at the ready for collage adventures. In the last few weeks I made many sheets of faux postage and I wanted those tiny compositions to become part of this project.

This is a Stillman & Burn Beta Series sketchbook available from dickblick.com . The natural white pages are thick and accepted lots of water and layers without buckling. This 7″ square format was big enough for multiple collage elements but small enough to come together quickly.

The pages in this mixed media sketchbook were collaged with: faux postage, drawings on vintage book pages, painted paper, and more. For each spread, I perused my faux postage and small drawings and picked the focal point. Then, I went through my paper stash and auditioned many choices. Next, came the editing where the choices are reduced to the best options. Then, the papers were torn or cut, arranged on the page, and finally glued down.

I work quickly in a sketchbook like this making decisions on the fly. The rapid pace hones my skills in composition and color and often results in really unique spreads. It’s a great way to stay working in the studio between big painting projects.

Faux postage blank sheets available from 100proofpress.com.

Mixed Media Sketchbook 2
Mixed Media Sketchbook 3
Mixed Media Sketchbook 4
Mixed Media Sketchbook 5
Mixed Media Sketchbook 6
Mixed Media Sketchbook 7
Mixed Media Sketchbook 8
Mixed Media Sketchbook 9
Mixed Media Sketchbook 10
Mixed Media Sketchbook 10
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Mixed Media Sketchbook 13