Museum Postcards 2

One of my favorite things in the world is to visit an art museum. I’ve been lucky to travel in the US and Europe to see, absorb and be humbled by hundreds of beautiful paintings and sculptures. While I love wandering from room to room and viewing the art, I have to admit I do love a great museum gift shop! Some are small with limited items and others, like the Met in NYC are filled with wonderful gifts and books. When I’m traveling, especially overseas, bringing things back in my luggage is always an issue. That’s why I love museum postcards. They are inexpensive and a great way to collect beloved images of paintings in a collection. I include them on my studio mood board for inspiration, add them to sketchbooks, and feature them in collage.

I’m trying a new way to use and learn from this little treasures. These four pages show the start of this new ongoing series. Using the postcard as inspiration, I mix colors to match the painter’s palette. These artists excel at their craft and learning from their mastery of color teaches me new color lessons. Use paints, markers, or even collage paper to complete these little studies. Continuing this series is really just a way to facilitate my postcard buying habit. Museum postcards are a small and delightful way to remember a museum visit.

Great museums I’ve visited: Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC , Art Institute of Chicago , The Louvre, Paris, France, Musee d”Orsay, Paris, France and the Picasso Museum in Barcelona

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