Art Journaling Cover

It’s always a thrill to see my work in print. One of my handmade books was published in Art Journaling magazine! This Stampington publication is top notch. The graphics and content are always as beautiful and artistic as the work they feature. This handmade journal was created soon after I closed my business in late 2023 and has a lot of sentimental value for me. I love that this publisher lets the artist write the feature article. Putting my art together with my thoughts about the content and process makes it more real for the reader.

The Story Behind the Journal

Retirement brought up a LOT of weird and new feelings for me. My adult life was defined by my business- much of my identity felt tied to my business owner hat. In reality, I just closed my embroidery digitizing business and opened Lynne Redmond Art. At last, I could be a full time artist.

The mixed media world LOVES challenges- many artists mark each year with a 100 day challenge to stretch their wings and try new techniques. I set my own challenge- a collage a day for the first 100 days of my freedom. To bridge my old and new lives, I used ledger pages from the old business as my substrate for each collage. Seeing lists of old orders and customers as I created a new piece each day was nostalgic and bittersweet.

When those collages were done, I decided to collect some of them into a handmade art journal. While going through my stash to collect papers and art for the project, I found a stack of vellum drawings from my dear mentor Magda Mader. A Hungarian immigrant displaced by World War II, she made a new life here as a private art teacher. Her rigorous European training made me a much better artist and her humor, kindness, and firm hand made me a better person. I decided including her vellum drawings in this cathartic book felt right. The past and future brought together.

The Process

When creating an art journal with many spreads, I use my whole arsenal of tricks. Old paintings were cut up and repurposed. A collection of landscape mono prints gave the pages continuity. Then, those 100 collages peppered the spreads too. When in doubt, I always reach for Artist Trading cards and faux postage. It’s a hot mess at the beginning with the WHOLE floor covered in potential papers and art that will eventually get edited and honed down for each spread. I love this part- so many stacks, so many possibilities. The editing, rearranging, and discarding is where the magic of collage kicks in.

Sweet and Nostalgic Memories

This was not my first time, but I always love to see my work in print- yes I strutted around my office the day I got the news. Getting published in Art Journaling magazine! It never gets old. This particular journal was more heartfelt than most. It makes me happy to see my work in print next to pieces from my dear teacher. I think she would like it too.

Art Journaling Spread
Art Journaling Page 1
Art Journaling Page 2
Art Journaling Page 3
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Art Journaling Page 5
Art Journaling Page 6
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