I use Daniel Smith watercolors exclusively and when I add a new color to my collection, I always do color swatching. This simple practice shows me a color behaves and how it plays with other colors. These color records in my sketchbook inspire new paintings. They are a valuable teaching tool and source material when the next idea is elusive.

Rose of Ultramarine is just an amazing color! It’s so rich and highly pigmented but mixes amazingly well with other colors. The purple with Payne’s gray was a big surprise and the brilliant orange with Nickel Azo yellow looks a fiery sunset. The subtle pink created with the addition of Green Apatite Genuine was a beautiful discovery that only comes from this kind of playful color swatching.

With these color swatches as inspiration, three floral paintings were created. Though each painting has a wide variety of colors, each of the colors has a touch of Rose of Ultramarine in the mix. This “mother” color unifies the color scheme. A last minute pop of brilliant blue was added with Sennelier oil pastels. Rose of Ultramarine unified these compositions and created amazing colors. This watercolor is a lovely addition to an artist’s palette.