Society 6-Cards

Visit my new artist’s shop on Society 6! If you are not familiar with them, it’s a print on demand company dedicated to showcasing artists. Artist, illustrators, photographers, and graphic designers are all welcome to create a shop with their work. Then, the art is available on over 90 items. There is something for everyone- phone covers, t-shirts, coffee mugs, duvet covers, wallpaper, furniture and so much more.

Within my shop- Lynne Redmond Art- you can choose a design you like then peruse the items available. Shopping by category works too- in Tech you’ll find phone covers, iPad skins and stickers. I’m really enjoying my 15 oz. coffee mug from the Tabletop collection. A lovely selection of notecards is pictured above.

While I love selling my original art, not everyone can afford it. Having great designs on affordable items used everyday is a great way to get my art into the world. It’s been interesting to see how a painting translates on different items and substrates. In addition to useful items, Society 6 also offers many different wall art options at affordable prices.

Visit my shop at the link below- I would love to have my art color your world!

Society 6- Bags
Society 6- Notebooks
Society 6-Mug
Society 6-ipad