In April of 2015 I traveled to Barcelona with my goddaughter Jennifer and her lovely husband Scott. This city is the ultimate eye candy for artists. They LOVE color, pattern and their two famous artists- Gaudi and Picasso. When I returned home, I was inspired to create this travel journal.

This luscious mixed media journal includes tickets, postcards, and ephemera from the trip. On each page I included my Barcelona doodles. I took a small sketchbook and doodled for hours as I crossed the Atlantic both ways. This journal is a true mixed media piece. It includes faux postage, detailed hand lettering, scraps of my wet felting experiments, dried leaves I brought home from Spain, hand embroidery, scratchboard lettering, hand stamping, stenciling, and more. The cover was a painting I embellished with beads and hand embroidery.

This travel journal includes many special examples of decorative hand lettering. It reflects the exuberant color and pattern that is everywhere in this famous city. It’s impossible to go to such an artsy locale and not be inspired!

Excerpts from this Barcelona Travel Journal were published in Art Journaling, Summer 2016.

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