Color studies should be an ongoing education for every artist. In college, Johanne Itten and Josef Albers were part of the curriculum and art history was full of palettes unique to each artist and the period in which they created. Now I read about color and push myself to new discoveries as a regular part of my art practice. An artist can never have too much color inspiration.

This spiral bound journal had black pages so the colors really pop. I worked my way through the spectrum and created collages full of interest. Items included in this journal are machine embroideries (designed, digitized and sewn by me), fabric, thread samples cards, paper, paint test strips, drawings and lots of ephemera. Each color gets its chance to shine.

The title page features an iconic color wheel with a new twist. It’s created with fabric and paper, beads, yarn, ephemera, machine stitching, and tiny tags. Collecting unique items for the color encouraged thoughtful consideration of the qualities for each hue. This simple, circular shape has been my color inspiration for many projects. Use the structure as a catalyst for your exploration and color study.

Excerpts from this journal were published in Art Journaling, Spring 2013.

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