Pandemic Journals 4

I made several pandemic journals during the long days of the lockdown. As I look back at them now, this daily art practice added structure to a chaotic time. Everything in my studio was thrown in the mix- faux postage, collage papers, my paintings, artist trading cards, and more. Each journal has blank pages and spaces and I use them now to record thoughts, poems , and quotes.

Artists have always used their practice to navigate life. Sorrow, joy, falling in love, falling out of love- it’s all fodder and fuel for the creative process. My last purchase an hour before the official lockdown began was glue sticks! What if I ran out and couldn’t get more? That was a real fear at the time. As my business dwindled to almost nothing, I threw myself into cutting, gluing, painting, and creating. The mandalas took hours but I had time on my hands and a heavy heart. I cut hundreds of tiny octagons for collages. I researched coptic bookbinding and created my first books with this method. Fingers crossed I never need to make more pandemic journals , but looking back at them now, they are full of color, beauty, and hope.

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