Ultimate Color Moldboard 2

This color mood board is based on one of my favorite things- the color wheel. It was so much fun to collect all the papers and paraphernalia for each color. Anything that could be glued down was fair game.

The base is a 19″ x 19″ piece of foam core board. This sturdy base easily accommodated the weight of the various add-ons including a pencil, tiny starfish, big bead, tassel, and pompom. The board was divided in pie wedges for each color and filled with colored paper and bits and bobs in the specific hue. The center circle is composed of various decorative papers. Manila tags define the wheel with the color names. Each tag is wrapped with rayon thread to create the 3 bands of light, medium and dark for each color. This seemed like a great idea until I started wrapping the thread- it took forever but looks really cool. These tags gave the center a strong graphic element to offset the playful quality of each color section. I love having this color mood board in my studio for inspiration.

Ultimate Color Moodboard 3
Ultimate Color Moodboard 1